A natural hub for business and family

There are many business stories that are born in South Tyrol which start from a common reason and it's nearly always a holiday. From the moment when people can experience for themselves the quality of life of a community. The unspoiled beauty of nature, which is know to improve the life of the individual. And South Tyrol has always been at the top of the list, with its quality of life taken as exemplary by many. Numerous research studies attest to this - for instance, a recent study undertaken by the national newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore”, which focused on small towns with up to 50,000 inhabitants and was based on 47 different benchmarks, shows a whole panoply of South Tyrol municipalities: Brunico, Vitipeno, Egna. But it’s the Bolzano region that has the best claim to fame: a natural hub for business, and even more importantly, for families.

Life is good in South Tyrol for many reasons: a place rich in culture with its museums, events, theatres. There is plenty of choice to spend some quality free time, whether it be simply a night out or a weekend away. There’s a solution for everyone, something to please all different tastes. From culture to sports, there is a plethora of modern and well-functioning establishments made available to everyone.
On top of that, South Tyrol is well known for being the green region of Italy: the perfect place for hiking amidst beautiful scenery, to practise skiing, riding bikes and exploring the over 2,286 km of cycle paths. It’s easy to say that it is almost impossible to get bored here. This is ideal for families as well - with a great support system in place for them in Bozen-Bolzano. And for the youngest, one of the finest educational and training system you can find - with its dual training system seen as an example to follow everywhere else in Italy.

This is South Tyrol: the ideal place to go to where you can see both business and your family grow. Salaries are also extremely competitive and amongst the highest in Europe. Unemployment rates are at the lowest. A training and educational system at the top of the game. All of these factor make it an ideal place, one where going from a simple holiday (as shown by the over 31 million visitors in 2016 alone) to permanent living is an extremely easy step.