Imagine doing research and development, work and business, in a place which other people come to for a holiday! This sounds like a slogan, but is actually the agenda and at the same time the mission of the Business Location Department of IDM Südtirol. The business location South Tyrol has much to offer, so much that we want to share it with you and your business. As the business location agency for South Tyrol, we can advise and assist you when it comes to finding suitable properties, cooperation partners or skilled workers. We can link you to other companies and indeed entire ecosystems in South Tyrol, we can give you all the necessary information about company formation and the legal framework conditions, we can connect you to research institutes and prepare the way for obtaining subsidies.

Our task then is to clear the hurdles out of the way so that enterprises and professional workers can come into the inspiring surroundings which South Tyrol offers you for your personal and professional development. Our online magazine Vertical Innovation provides you with an insight into the business ecosystem of our country. The stories that we tell about unusual ideas and extraordinary start-up companies, about renowned market leaders and quirky lateral thinkers, about successful and promising items, almost seem to write themselves, because: the economy of South Tyrol is on the move, is highly innovative and dynamic, is young and cosmopolitan. This is not least due to the special location of this country on the border between North and South, between the Italian and the German cultural and linguistic areas – and which is surrounded by stunning countryside. Mother nature is what inspires our thoughts and actions – even in the economy. Innovative, efficient, green, ecologically and socially sustainable and last but not least, vertical! South Tyrol offers not only the optimal entry into the Italian market, but also into the future. And we will be at your side all the way.

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