In general, EU citizens are allowed to work in Italy in a profession that they have already practised in another EU country, even without that title being officially recognised in Italy. Exceptions to this rule are occupations that fall under the category of regulated professions, pursuant to the European Professional Qualifications Directive (Directive 2005/36/EG). These are professions for which there are specific conditions regulated by specific laws or regulations dictated by the individual EU Member States. You will find a listing of the different categories of regulated profession in Italy by following this link:
There are three different categories of recognition for regulated professions: the general system, automatic recognition, and recognition of professional experience. Automatic recognition is valid throughout the European Union for seven different occupational groups, for which Europe-wide standard minimum requirements have been established. Please see the following link for more information:
Professions in the handicrafts, industrial and trade sectors are recognised when one can demonstrate that one has had a certain amount of professional experience and a certain type of professional experience (requirements are mandated by law).
The general rules apply to all regulated professions that do not fall into any of the previously mentioned categories: the professional qualifications required in all EU Member State are divided into five levels. Recognition occurs when one’s own level of professional qualification is no more than one level below the level required in the host Member State. For differences that exceed one level, compensatory measures in the form of an aptitude test or period of conformation (not exceeding three years) may be required in Italy.
Various ministries, depending on the profession, carry responsibility for the recognition of academic degrees. More detailed information about the procedures and the necessary documentation can be found at the individual ministries or at a province-wide information centre: Pursuant to EU law, the process of recognising professional titles, which ends with the issuance of a decree, may not take longer than four months from the date of filing of all necessary documentation.