A paradigm shift based on quality and research. Just as when you climb to the top of a mountain and a whole new horizon opens up in front of you. South Tyrol Vertical Innovation is inspired by nature itself, which is such a strong and important element of this region. 85% of South Tyrol is covered by woods, lakes, rivers, glaciers and unspoiled land.

Nature is everywhere, wherever one goes. This is the perfect place for people who love hiking (17,000 km of designated hiking routes), cycling (2,286 km of bike routes) or skiing (1,630 km of ski slopes). This is what South Tyrol wants to be: a place inspired by nature, where nature is something to both respect and to be inspired by.

But the Italian green region is already looking at the future. Several years have already passed since South Tyrol started a process on sustainability that has led to an increased usage of renewable energy resources (61.36% against 17.10% Italian average, 31.40% Austrian average).
South Tyrol is also a leader in relation to the use of hydroelectric power and bio-mass, with wood increasingly used as a tool to generate clean energy to provide heating. In addition to this, some great investments have been in anything that falls into the “sharing” category, to constantly improve levels of sustainability.

There is a specific plan in place regarding all these aspects, Energia South Tyrol 2050, with fixed objectives and goals to be met such as reaching less than 1.5 t per head in CO2 emissions and covering at least 90% of the total needed with renewable energies.
These are ambitious yet reachable objectives