Easy and cost-effective: investing and innovating in South Tyrol

South Tyrol acts just like a kaleidoscope that attracts and reflects light multiplied in different shades with people choosing this country to develop their business.

It’s like an ecosystem which is capable of generating new ideas. From its lightweight tax regime to the many incentives for businesses, from international and highly qualified talent scouting to IDM Südtirol, the business services provider with the specific task of providing all assistance and guidance necessary for business development.

These are just a few of the reasons why it is such a good idea to invest and innovate in South Tyrol. Another crucial aspect is that it is internationally recognised as a kind of “guarantee” in the market place: a place well-known for success and its innate ability to innovate at all times. Not only that: South Tyrol also has a proven network of public and private partners that create an outstanding platform for new ideas, research and development.

Last but not least there is NOI Techpark - the home of innovation located in South Bozen-Bolzano. A great place where everything comes together: international businesses and start-ups, research labs and SMEs. This high-tech science park is the living proof of our ability to look forward at all times, to strive to set new objectives and to keep growing.
The region’s economic data is always amongst the best in Europe and occupies a leading position in Italy. Our horizon is the continent and beyond: and this is what you would expect from a region that finds its inner strength in multiculturalism.

  • Laws, Competition Notices and a a lightweight tax Regime.

  • IDM, the entry point to do business.

  • A network helping the business grow faster.

  • Nature of innovation.